Hugues Vitry 

Founder and Vice President of MMCO

Projects Leader and Coordinator

Lecturer and Ambassador of MMCO

Member of the Society of Marine Mammalogy (SMM)


                 Michel Vély 

Founder and Scientific Consultant of MMCO

Member of Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission

Initiator and Partner in the Maubydick Project.

President of NGO Megaptera



                Axel Preud'homme

Observer, Lecturer, Guide and Field worker 

Secretary of  MMCO.



                  Svetlana Barteneva

Biologist in charge of MMCO Scientific Works and

Reports, Lecturer.

Member of Society of Marine Mammalogy (SMM)

Vice Secretary of MMCO 



         Sophie Tseung

Partnerships and Strategy Advisor - MMCO 

Lead Consultant in Organisational Change 

Communications/Storyteller for Change