2019 Maubydick Project Reports


2019 is the year where we had the most important number of research trips. In total we made 95 trips including 80 successful observation trips with encounters.

Number of Research trip made: 95

Number of successful observation and encounter trips:  80

This year 2019 we had 2 new births

Births in 2019:

February : Lana

April : Alexander



Lana is named after our biologist Svetlana who joined MMCO a year before probably at the time when baby Lana Sperm whale was conceived.

In April Alexander was born. Alexander is named after the baby Alexander Kempt who was born a little later this same year. The parents Kasper and his wife came to Mauritius for whale observation and met Caroline the sperm whale that was pregnant and about to give birth. The couple were so impressed by the tenderness and docility of this gentle giant. Coming back to shore after the mission, we asked her for the name of their future baby boy and told them if it would be a male, he would be named after their son's name. She cried !

From January till September   2019 we had the record of adult males coming in turns in the pod. 

Number of adult males : 9

In the month of June, we had two big adult males (Jason and Leonard) always together, and in total 4 breeding males in the pod, fact that is quite rare!