Lagoon and Beach Cleanup 2020

On 18 October 2020 MMCO participated to a Beach and Lagoon cleaning and sensitization with other NGOs and the Tourism Authority and with the collaboration and funding of the European Union 💙🐋🐬🐳

We had a fabulous an interactive response from the children, teenagers and from the adults. 

We took some engagements to go and meet associations and Scouts teams for future presentations and talks.

In association with Blue Water Diving Centre Limited we offered voluntary lagoon cleaning and we extracted many bags of plastic and garbage from the lagoon floor.

Here are some great moments of the event.

The morning started very shy

By 09h30 the site was quite animated

Children drawing competition on environment where everyone wins

Group of scouts were interested to help and inquiring on our missions

Presentation of the family tree of our resident whales

We found out that many ignored we had a wide variety of cetaceans including whales in Mauritius

Explaining the way whales breathe, swim and feed.

Identification card of some individuals of our resident sperm whales

Scout leader showing and explaining to a young curious girl the differences between a Sperm whale and a Humpback whales

Next to us another NGO was explaining about the coral reef protection

And the mangroves

MMCO team together with volunteers from Blue Water Diving Centres were helping cleaning the sea floor of the lagoon 


Many bags of garbage and plastic taken out of the sea floor.

Garbage from the surface found on land mixed with garbage found underwater 

Team of MMCO and Volunteers from Blue water Diving Centre  after underwater cleaning 

 Team of Blue Water helping MMCO during the day of sensitization and beach and lagoon cleaning organized by the European Union and the Tourism Authority,