2020 Maubydick Project Reports


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the year 2020 was not one of the best year for the world and for our research trips.

Mauritius entered into total lockdown on the 16th March 2020 and the borders were closed a week later forcing all the partners to leave the country.

We only had 36 trips out of which only 22 were successful with observations and encounters.

This year we fortunately started the research trip earlier as we had a platform of opportunity to make observations during a private BBC shooting trips on sperm whales in the month of February.



The tragedy about 2020 is unfortunately not only limited to the Covid - 19 Pandemic and the lock down that resulted from it, many other things came disturbing the peaceful Mauritian people;

  1. The grounding of the 300 metres Japanese bulk carrier resulting with the completely wreckage of the ship and 1000 tons of LSFO spilled in our lagoon.

MMCO members have been actively involved in:

 - the cleaning of the oil spill 

 - the crisis committee set up by the authorities.

 - Controlling the sinking of the front of the bulk carrier in the open sea.

2.     The mass death of more than 50 Melon-headed whales is another tragic event to put on 2020 !

MMCO has been actively involved with other NGOs in:

 - Monitoring the event day by day

 - the stranding committee set up by the ministry of Fisheries

 - Necropsy of the Melon Headed Whales

 - Getting sample for independent analysis abroad 

 - Push back operation to get the MHW out of the lagoon (official Team Leader)

 - Setting of timeline of events with the IFAW and the IWC experts and other experts.

 - Liaising with the media as local expert of cetaceans about the tragic event and its follow up.



This year we are also launching a new project of  surveying all cetaceans around Mauritius.