MMCO Actions

MMCO is called to intervene on the fields when there are cases of dead or wounded cetaceans, stranding, or cetaceans found in environment  that is not their natural habitat or when cetaceans are trapped in nets or other made made equipment or material.

The team of MMC has been :

  • making observation on dead whales (Read more
  • participating as observers in necropsies of cetaceans
  • involved in push back operation to get some whales out of the lagoon (Read more)
  • involved in government committees
    • Marine Spatial Planning Working group
    • National Coral Reef Network
    • National Stranding Committee
  • involved as  independent consultant in crisis committee on the Wakashio grounding 
    • Wakashio Crisis Committee 
  • involved in beach clean caused by Oil spill
    • Confectioning of booms
    • Cleaning beaches from Oil spill
  • involved as civil society observer for the scuttling of the front of the Wakashio 
  • making sensitization presentations to schools
  • making or participating in conferences in Mauritius and abroad:
    • Paris Dive exhibition 2020 Conference ( Read more)
    • Paris La Maison des Océans 2019 Conference (Read more)
    • Porlwi by light 2017 Conference (Read more)
    • Rajiv Gandhi Conference Centre Première and conference (Read more)
  • participation in documentary films for international film channels