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In the waters of Mauritius, you can find over a dozen species of whales and dolphins. Many of them are permanent residents of coastal waters, an integral part of the ecosystem and food chain, an important global biodiversity.

Unfortunately, issues such as climate change, pollution(chemical, plastic and noise), by catch and collisions with vessels pose a clear threat to these beautiful animals and cause significant harm to their populations. In addition, industrial human activity in coastal areas is increasing, requiring responsible management and planning, taking into account important cetacean habitats.

Since 2013. Marine Megafauna Conservation Organization (MMCO) has been conducting research on the local population of sperm whales, together with French partners, including leading cetacean specialist Dr. Michel Vély (MEGAPTERA) . former member of the Cousteau ream Dr. François Sarano (Longitude 181) and renowned underwater film and documentary producer, Mr. René Heuzey (Label Bleu Production).

During these 7 years, 97 sperm whales individuals were identified, including 11 newborn claves, interesting results were obtained and amazing discoveries were made about the biology and social life of sperm whales; several documentaries were shot.

The research has made it possible to trace the dynamic of the sperm whale pod, to analyze its stability and trends. Along with the understanding of the extreme vulnerability of this population, many new questions have arisen.

The findings, together with recommendations on measures to reduce the impact of human activities on large cetaceans, were communicated to the Mauritian authorities and some of the recommendations were adopted.

In 2020 due to the Covid-19, for the first time in many years, studies were interrupted, first due to lock-down and then due to lack of funding. To this day, Mauritius remains closed.

In addition, in recent months, Mauritius has faced disaster such as an oil spill from MV Wakashio and the death of more than 50 melon headed whales. These sad events exacerbated the need to expand the scope of MMCO research, extending it to all cetaceans, to understand the species composition and important habitat for them, with the subsequent development of measures to protect them.

You can help the conservation of whales and dolphins by supporting our activities nd research. Most of the cost is fuel, so any donated amount will be  part of our whale research trip.

You have the opportunity to give your name to the sperm whale: we will name all new individual identified in 2021 by the name of those who supported our project. 

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