2018 Maubydick Project Reports


During the course of 2018 the MMCO and its other partners (Megaptera, Label Bleu, Longitude 181 and Un ocean de vie) undertook our annual Whale Research Trips for the Maubydick Project.

Number of Research trip made: 70

Number of successful Observtion and encounter trips:  64 

This year 2018 was one of the more prolific in term of births. We had 4 new borns

Births in 2018:

February : Ali

March: Cindy

March: Chesna

April: Daren

Ali is called after one of Mauritius most known diver Ali Goolam-Hossen.

Cindy born from outside the pod of Irene and her mother is probably Reshma.

Cindy is named after our regretful Cindy Vandebreucq who left us 2017.




During the month of November from 24th until 02nd December we undertook Maubydick Project 3 - this is the third tagging mission held by our partners Megaptera - Teria and Exagon.

During the MP3 , 10 satellite tags were implanted on 10 Sperm whales and the results were quite surprising.